Monday, December 10th, 2018

French 9

  • Review the rules around placement of adjectives (BANGS)
  • Write 5 sentences, using a different describing word in each sentence
  • Want to re-watch Jean Petit qui danse ?  Voilà  ….

French 11

  • In the stories we have read, Roch Carrier shared two experiences from his childhood and adolescence.
  • These experiences show us something about who Roch Carrier was at that time in his life, and the impact his experiences had on him.
  • Think about an experience you would be comfortable sharing with conversations partners in class (It can be an experience that changed you in some way, a person that had an impact in your life, or anything that tells us more about you as a person.)
  • Create a quick sketch (6 boxes)  & a vocab list (maximum 6 words) to aid you and your partners in your conversations tomorrow. Remember that you will mostly use the past tense in your conversations.

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