Thursday, February 7th, 2019

French 10

  • Review vocabulary, expressions and language structures  Ex:  “It’s mine. It’s hers. It’s yours.” + daily routine actions + words to contrast or connect ideas.

French 11

  • Fill in your food journal for today
  • Start making changes to your routine as needed to investigate your inquiry question  — remember to record what you do (along with the effects)
  • Spend time reviewing the food vocabulary on page 4 of your unit package
  • Your second draft of the story summary is due on Monday at the latest.

French 12

  • Finish writing your paragraph to answer the question “Qui suis-je?”
  • Remember to include details to explain the words you use to describe yourself (“how” & “why”)
  • Check that you have included connecting words
  • We will be sharing paragraphs with partners tomorrow & asking/answering questions about ourselves





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