Thursday, February 21st, 2019

French 10

  • Finish answering the questions for Les soins personnels text & be sure to bring them to class on Monday
  • Continue to review the vocabulary and structures of this unit. End  of unit evaluations will begin next Tuesday.
  • If you were absent, the text and questions are here:     Personal Care Routines-19y1zly


French 11

  • Review the structure on pages 16  & 17
  • Practise using the structure on page 18 of your unit booklet
  • Read the paragraphs on pages 19, 21 & 23. Circle & determine meaning of new words to prepare for class on Monday.


French 12

  • Make sure that you have completed the “thinking exercises” on pages 28, 29 and 30 of your unit package (en français) so that you are prepared to share your future plans and goals with group members on Monday
  • Continue to review the vocabulary (future work, post-secondary schooling or training, personality & attributes, etc) and language structures presented (future tense + subjunctive & conditional moods as needed to express your desires, fears, possibilities) so that you are confident using them in the evaluations coming up next week