Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

French 10

  • Continue to review the past tense structure
  • Finish the practice that you were working on with partners in class –  Exercise 5 & 6  on page 25


French 11

  • Finish reading the required number of pages (as decided by your group)
  • Review the new vocabulary from your novel (Can you use the new words in your own sentences or questions?)
  • Write three questions to ask group members about the text tomorrow


French 12

Here is the video with Mohamed Fellag talking about his role in the movie M. Lazhar

  • Please review the interpretive listening questions and watch the clip
  • Answer the multiple choice questions to the best of your ability by Thursday, March 7 so that you are ready to discuss them in class  (Some of the answers require thinking about what he “means” rather than what he actually “says”)
  • REMINDER:  March 6th is the last day to register for the DELF exam. If you are super nervous and have exam stress (even though nothing bad can come from this!)….. you can always choose the A1 level. Sérieusement les amis, vous êtes capables. Allons-y!
  • The link for registration is here:






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