Friday, April 5th, 2019

French 10

  • Great collaboration today planning the re-write of parts of Le Voyage!
  • We will continue to work in groups on Monday before presenting the new versions to the rest of the class
  • Review vocabulary and phrases from the story, your first unit package or French 9 units  so that you are able to demonstrate both current and previous learning in your work
  • The following students are signed up to conference with me on Monday morning:
    • 8:30  Nona
    • 8:40 John
    • 8:50 Shahan
    • 9:00 Aidan
    • 9:30 Harim
    • 9:40 Emily
    • 9:50 Kate

French 11

  • Conversations about Le Chandail de Hockey are planned for Monday
  • We will use the images from the book to guide your questions and answers about the story
  • To prepare to talk about Roch Carrier and his childhood story, you can reread the story, review the written questions & answers & practise creating new questions, and make sure you can use the new vocabulary

French 12

  • Great, spontaneous (and long!) conversation today that touched on robots & machines and their advantages/disadvantages in our society; cellphone usage & addiction, the pros & cons of social media & whether cellphones should be banned in schools (among other things)….
  • Make sure you have completed the questions for Le Portrait and that you are prepared to participate in a short discussion about the story. You will be given a writing prompt related to the story on Monday.






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