Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

French 10

  • Review vocabulary and structures from the unit
  • Tomorrow you will participate in conversations with partners about the chores you do/don’t do at home


French 11

  • Great work with conversations today! Tomorrow we will continue with 2 or 3 more exchanges.
  • Tomorrow you will also finish the re-write of your Roch Carrier text in class
  • Please bring Le chandail de hockey to hand in


French 12

Here is a recap of today’s class:

  • Interpersonal practice:  Ask & answer the interview questions given for your article. For students who are out of town, the interview questions are here:  Lesson-2-interview-1xguqsw
  • After the partner interview & recording of answers, write a message to your partner giving him/her suggestions on ways to be more environmentally conscious, page 9-10
  • Read the article On s’empoisonne la vie! & complete parts A, B and C on pages 10-11. For students who are away, the article is here:  Pollution1-24ufduePollution2-2onczzl
  • HOMEWORK:  Finish any work not completed in class & review new vocabulary

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