Friday, May 3rd, 2019

French 10

  • Continue to practise the new vocabulary to talk about houses & review up to the end of page 9
  • Complete the past tense structures practice page 22-23
  • Bonne fin de semaine à tous 🙂


French 11

  • Bonne fin de semaine tout le monde 🙂
  • On Monday, we will be starting the travel unit
  • If you were absent for the presentational write today, be sure to make plans to make up this assessment of your skills


French 12

** Due to scheduled absences for next week, I have adjusted the expectations for your conversations. If you want to use your info graphic during conversations, you must send it to me by 4:00 on Monday or print it yourself in time for class. If it is not ready, you can use screen shots on your phone or printed images as visuals in your conversations.

Please take a look at the shape of next week so that you can manage your time and deadlines.

  • Monday:  Some review of structures & a little more time to work on your environment project
  • Tuesday:  Project conversations
  • Wednesday:  Project conversations
  • Thursday: Hand in your info graphic & complete interpretive assessment in class
  • Friday:  onto the last unit of the year!