Friday, May 24th, 2019

French 10


French 11

  • Be ready to participate in conversations on Monday about past travel or vacations.
  • Review the info graphic about air travel from today’s class (pages 33-36) & study the vocabulary you need to talk about your own experiences on planes
  • Use the sentence starters from the board to create your own 4 sentences to share best tips from the reading 
  • Read La conduite en France on pages 38-39 & answer the questions.


French 12

  • Finish reading to the end of Chapter 13. Pay close attention to the new vocabulary, the conversation questions and the ‘citations clés’ so that you are prepared to discuss on Monday
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Your participation in daily conversations is part of your oral grade for the semester. If you are not speaking out and engaging in the discussions, you will receive a ‘not meeting’ for this part of the class. As the prime minister told my grade 10 students:  “Be brave!”
  • Earlier this week we looked at examples of sentences using “ayant” (avoir ) and “étant” (être). See the following links to the Reverso site where there are several other examples of how these are used in context