Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

French 10

  • Review vocabulary & expressions learned in this unit
  • Practise your dialogue so that you are ready to share aloud in class tomorrow
  • Read the info graphic on pages 26-27 & write 5 questions to ask a partner about the information you have learned
  • Here are the pages so that you can zoom in and see them better     page 26-1i8vzqe       page 27-220fp0m


French 11

  • Watch the following tv5monde video and answer the questions about the children’s vacation plans
  • Be prepared to participate in conversations tomorrow using the 10 questions that you created in class today and the vocabulary/activities seen in the Martinique videos


French 12

  • Read up to the end of Chapter 17 & be ready to contribute to the conversations about chapter 16 – 17
  • Groups who are leading the discussion on these chapters must be ready at the beginning of class. You will only have 5-10 minutes to discuss with your group before we begin. Remember to bring the focus of the discussion back to the novel and the development of the story.  Students who are guiding discussions are not required to use the unit package…Be creative, personalize and plan the discussion in a way that would engage YOU 🙂