Friday, May 31st, 2019

French 10

  • Watch the above video and make a list of clothing vocabulary and phrases that you understand
  • Read Les courses à Paris on pages 28-29 of your unit package and answer the questions
  • End of Unit Evaluation on Monday:  Be ready to talk about whether you like fashion, what you like/don’t like to wear, whether brand names matter, etc.


French 11

  • Next week we will begin the final evaluations for the travel unit
  • Continue to review travel vocabulary, structures, and tenses needed


French 12

  • Please read up to the end of chapter 20
  • How would you retell the story up to this point ? What words and phrases do you need to summarize the story? Make a list.
  • Guided conversations on chapters 18-20 will be on Monday. Be prepared to contribute 🙂