Monday, June 3rd, 2019

French 10

  • Great job with your partner conversations today!
  • Tomorrow we will begin your last unit of the semester … it’s all about FOOD  🙂


French 11

  • You have an interpretive listening evaluation tomorrow. There will be sentences with travel vocabulary and past, present and conditional structures.
  • You might want to start researching & planning your trip. You will save screenshots on your phone or print photos to show partners during conversations. A map that shows the location of your travel destination would be very helpful. As discussed in class today, you should think about the following:
    • safety and laws
    • customs & traditions
    • history (as it pertains to language)
    • flights & travel within the country
    • accommodations
    • length of vacation & itinerary
    • architecture & landscape
    • tourist attractions and things to do
    • food & restaurants


French 12

  • Please read up to the end of chapter 21
  • It is a significant part of the story:  read carefully & be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow.