Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

French 10

  • Finish and review the structures and practice work on pages 29-34 (in class)
  • Watch the following video and complete the the questions on page 17-18


French 11

  • Make sure you have a plan for completing your film on time (when and where you will film & who needs to be there)
  • Start working on the language of your film (script)
    • take the time to check accuracy of structures and vocabulary
  • Here is a copy of the rubric you will use to provide evidence of fully meeting criteria  gr11filmproject-y5erw1


French 12

Voici l’horaire pour les présentations:

vendredi, le 14 juin:                                                 lundi, le 17 juin

Sam                                                                                      Aaron

Perla, Mazen, Amy                                                            Angelo

Hannah                                                                                Rachel & Lucia

Ryan                                                                                     Ashley & Erica L

Garry                                                                                    William & Jack

Nigel                                                                                     Hanie

River                                                                                     Grace

Erica & Maria                                                                      Michael


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