Monday, September 16th, 2019

French 9

  • Practice numbers 1 – 30
  • Look at the colour words on page 17 of your package. Check the meanings of the words (even if you think you already know them!) and highlight with the correct colour. Hint:  most pencil crayons have the words written in both English and French
  • Leave ‘brun’ and ‘marron’ for class tomorrow, please.
  • Find the meaning for the 3 words at the bottom of the page as they relate to colour words
  • Review useful French expressions in the classroom


French 10

  • Continue to study the vocabulary and phrases to talk about what you typically do
  • Finish your “cercle d’amitié” work from class today on page 6
    • To be prepared for class tomorrow, make sure that you have written the questions for part B and remembered to use different forms of questions
    • Write the sentences that describe your morning routine
    • Write the sentences about your partner