Monday, September 23rd, 2019

French 9

  • Continue to review vocabulary and concepts studied so far:  numbers, weather, dates & seasons, useful classroom expressions, and expressions with ‘avoir’ that we worked with today on p 21
  • Remember that “studying” requires more than looking at the page or word list. You need to DO SOMETHING with the words (write them, say them aloud, make cue cards, teach them to someone else, make pictures to match the words, act them out, put them in a comic strip…..)


French 10

  • Re-read the first page of the cultural reading from today’s class on pages 18-19
    • Working through a text means that you have circled or highlighted new words & made some notes in English or your language of choice
  • Watch the following video. Your first activity in class tomorrow will be to ask and answer questions about Trotro’s routine




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