Thursday, December 12th, 2019

French 9

  • Review the family vocabulary on p 6 of your unit
  • Read the 5 sample questions at the top of the page and the answers provided
    • Write your own answer to each of the questions
    • You will practice asking/answering questions with a partner tomorrow


French 10

Block 2: students:  Tomorrow is the last day to bring a food item or some spare change to donate to the food drive! Please donate if you can.

  • Partner conversations will continue tomorrow.
  • Review your unit vocabulary & structures and think about how you will describe and explain your choices/dreams
    • ‘structures’ = remembering the correct placement and agreement of describing words  such as  “J’adore les murs roses dans cette chambre.”
    • ‘structures’ also = shows knowledge & use of basic foundations of the language which allows others to understand/make sense of what you are saying
    • ‘connecting words’ = parce que, à cause de, en raison de, car     BUT also words like “donc, alors, malgré que, tandis que, ensuite, et puis, ainsi, aussi ….”
    • ‘unit vocabulary’ = words for rooms and items in our homes, words to describe, words to show where things are (position & placement in a space) & chunks of language/phrases learned throughout the unit




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