Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

French 9


French 11

  • Bienvenue dans la classe de Français 11 🙂
  • J’ai hâte à travailler avec vous ce semestre!
  • Please remember to look for previous French units at home tonight so that you can start “waking up your French brain” & reviewing the vocabulary and language structures that were expected in French 9 & 10
  • You are expected to set aside 15-20 minutes for review each day


French 12

  • Bienvenue dans la classe de Français 12 🙂
  • Je suis bien contente de travailler avec vous pendant votre dernier semestre à l’école secondaire!
  • Please take a look for your previous units so that you can reactivate your French vocabulary and knowledge of language structures/concepts
  • For more listening practice, here is the full video that we started to watch in class today


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