Thursday, January 30th, 2020

French 9

  • If you did not work through the links that were posted yesterday, please scroll back and work through the practice activities
  • Spend some time reviewing your Unit 1 package and looking to see what you already know from your middle school French classes


French 11


French 12

  •  Complete your personal timeline in French
    • Remember that this is about you communicating about your life so far & we expect to see you using vocabulary and structures that you have been exposed to over the last 3 years
    • This is not about all the other words and phrases that you can look up with translators and dictionaries! Remember that the goal is always to ‘stay in French’ and you will have to explain or rephrase any new words for your partners
    • Think about sequencing and connecting words you will need as you tell your story
  • You will spend about 45-50 minutes of class time talking with different people tomorrow & then have time to reflect and self-evaluate
  • Go to bed early 🙂