Thursday, February 27th, 2020

French 9

Bonne fin de semaine les amis 🙂

Review telling time in French on page 36 of your unit package

Practise writing 5 questions that include time, a verb we have learned and any other words from your unit that make sense. Then, answer them.

Use your package to make sure that you are following the verb pattern, checking whether words are masculine or feminine, spelling correctly, etc.

This will only start to come naturally (and more accurately) with practice.

Example:  À quelle heure est-ce que tu vas étudier à la bibliothèque?

Je vais étudier à la bibliothèque à 3h45.


* Over the long weekend, please continue to study vocabulary from your unit package. We are nearing the end of this unit & you are expected to be able to use the phrases and vocabulary.

  • weather, days, seasons
  • school vocabulary
  • words to describe position or place
  • useful classroom expressions


French 11

If you are in BLOCK 4:

  1. Visit the following website to learn about our new verb tense, le futur simple:  
  2. Then watch this video to become familiar with formation of the futur simple:

If you are in BLOCK 3:

  1. Please complete the practice exercises for le future simple in your unit booklet:  p. 29 Activities 2 and 3.
  2. Also, for another explanation on the difference between the near future and the simple future (e.g. je vais voyager vs. je voyagerai), visit this website:
  3. You can also watch this video to reinforce learning around formation of the futur simple.
  4. Finally, as promised, here is a chart that shows the order of pronouns before an action word:

Order of Pronouns


French 12

Read this perspective on culture on p. 6 of your unit booklet, La culture permet à l’homme de s’élever au-dessus de lui-même.  Use your usual strategies for reading, i.e.: Read it over once to get a sense of the general theme/meaning.  Read it a second time, looking for words you recognize, mots-amis, context and, finally, looking up unfamiliar words in the dictionary.  Read it a third time for a more fulsome understanding of the text.

Then, in French, on p. 7 of your booklet, share your opinion on which phrase or sentence from the article resonated most with you.  This will serve as your entrance slip to Monday’s class.

Finally, watch this video in preparation for our discussions on cultural appropriation:


Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

French 9

  • Write 5 questions using question words we practised in class today & any other vocabulary that we’ve been working on recently (school places, supplies, people, provinces, words to show position, etc)
  • Tomorrow we will practise answering your questions in class

French 11

  • Plan a trip to Quebec tonight!  You will be taking a train from Vancouver to Toronto then flying to Quebec city.  Keep it simple and travel as a single adult. Your screenshots will serve as your entrance slip to class tomorrow.
  1. Begin by visiting ViaRail then search for trips from Vancouver to Toronto that depart on Mar. 2 and return on Mar. 15.
  2. Click through the booking process and stop when you get to the screen that says “Révisez votre itinéraire, votre tarif et votre franchise de baggage” at the top. Take a screenshot of your itinerary.
  3. Then, visit Air Canada and find a flight from Toronto to Quebec City, leaving on  Mar. 8 and returning on Mar. 13.
  4. Stop when you get to the screen that says “Vol de départ” at the top.  Take a screenshot of this screen.  A reminder that your screenshots will be your entrance slips to class tomorrow.
  • If you were away today, read p. 21-23 in the unit booklet.  Highlight or circle any words that are related to train travel.

French 12

Tomorrow, we will be thinking about culture in our city.  Take time tonight to visit to find out what the city is doing to promote culture locally.  Visit to learn about Coquitlam’s French past!  And, finally, visit the website of this amazing Francophone choir from Coquitlam, Les Échos du Pacifique.

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

French 9

  • Practise writing questions and answers using practised verbs, words to talk about going to a city or province, and words that explain position (on, under, beside, etc)
  • Check the pattern of the verb endings! Be prepared to share your questions and answers in class tomorrow morning.


French 11

  • Everyone:  Watch this video on La Francophonie.  Also, practice using the pronoun ‘y’ by doing Activities 7 & 9 on p. 9 of your booklets.  Refer to the explanations on p. 6 if you’re unsure (especially sections 1, 2 and 3).
  • If you were away today:  Read over p. 6 in the booklet and do the activities noted above.  Watch this video on taking the plane in French: Take the Plane…in French!.  Watch only from 3:44 to 8:10.


French 12

You can also search for videos on Youtube 🙂

Monday, February 24th, 2020

French 9

  • To be ready for class tomorrow, please practise using the prepositions needed for travel to and from cities and provinces in Canada
  • Write 6 questions & answers using different cities, provinces & the appropriate prepositions + the verb ‘aller’. For example:  Est-ce que tu vas en Alberta aujourd’hui? Oui, je vais en Alberta.   OR   Non, je ne vais pas en Alberta.
  • Also, practise your numbers 1-30 and the ‘er’ verbs list. Learning check in tomorrow!

French 11

  • Everyone:  Practice using the names of countries with le/la/l’/les and prepositions (en/au/aux and de/d’/du/des):  Unit booklet p. 8 Activity 24 and p. 9 Activity 27.  Also, complete the activity on p. 10.
  • If you were away today, be sure to get a booklet from Mme Thiele tomorrow as you’ll need to read the notes in the booklet and fill in p. 7.  Also, watch the following video on La Francophonie at

French 12

  • If you were away today, be sure to get a booklet from Mme Thiele tomorrow and catch up by reading p. 4 of the booklet.
  • Everyone:  Please watch the following video on the “cultural iceberg” at  Complete the series of 4 interactive exercises that appear at the top of the page by clicking on each the numbers in the circles (1, 2, 3 and 4).  Be prepared to discuss visible/invisible culture in class tomorrow.


Friday, February 21st, 2020

French 9


French 11

If you were absent today:  We did our evaluative conversations today.  Please see me on Monday about this.

French 12

If you were absent today:  We introduced our new unit theme today: la culture!   Please look over the attached quotations on culture and choose one or two that resonate with you: citations sur la culture.  Also, view the following slideshow, and think about which of the images represent an element of culture:  C’est quoi la culture?.


Please build your word cloud using words and phrases that you feel are related to culture (en français, bien sûr!).  You can draw on the vocabulary we heard and saw in class today, and add your own new terms.  My favourite site word cloud generator is but you can use any one you choose.  Please print and bring your word cloud to class.  We will be sharing them in small groups.

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

French 9


French 11

To prepare for tomorrow’s evaluative conversation, think about how you will talk about the following:

Compare your life in the 21st century to the lives of young people in the Middle Ages.  What are the differences?  Are there any similarities?  In your opinion, how do time and place affect our personal identities?

Think about chores, educationentertainment, food, housing, the lives of girls/boys, the choices that are available to you and the possibilities for jobs.  You might also consider the lifestyles of nobles vs. peasants.

Be prepared to incorporate the language we’ve been learning around personal histories and life in the Middle Ages.  Also, be prepared to use language structures like comparisons and both past tenses.

French 12


Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

French 9


French 11

To prepare for tomorrow’s writing activity, review your Castles booklet, especially vocabulary around:  food, entertainment, the people who lived and worked in the castles, and the kinds of people who attended feasts.  You won’t be allowed to have your booklet with you while you’re writing.

Also, be comfortable describing actions and events in the past (using both the passé compose and the imparfait) and making comparisons.


French 12

Be prepared for your evaluative conversations tomorrow on the topic of “mes projets”.  You will be drawing on vocabulary that we’ve been learning around our personalities, interests, les métiers, education, hopes and aspirations.

To be able to talk about plans, hopes and wishes, you’ll need to be comfortable using the future simple, the conditional and the subjunctive.

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

French 9

Bonne longue fin de semaine à tous 🙂

Over the weekend, it is important that you spend time mastering the new vocabulary of this first unit and reviewing the question and answer structures we’ve been working on

    • days, months, seasons, weather
    • school vocabulary
    • action words to talk about what we do  p. 30-31

It is important that you develop study skills for acquiring new vocabulary and that you find methods that help you to be successful!

    • Continue to work through the computer links provided last week to practice the calendar & to work on school supplies vocab (Dans mon sac à dos)
    • You can also make a Quizlet, create paper cue cards or fold a sheet of paper in half with French on one side and English on the other

Next week, we will be assessing your learning & working to use more French in class!


French 11

To keep up with your listening and reading skills this weekend, try watching/reading this video (with accompanying text) about the Medieval legend, Mélusine, the fairy serpent:


French 12

Review the feedback on your “Chronologies” and make corrections.  If you need to, take some time to review when to use and how to form the passé composé and imparfait.

Also, here are some websites for practicing how to form some of the verb tenses you should know:

Passé composé vs. Imparfait:

Passé composé:


Some practice exercises are at the bottom of this webpage:

Futur simple:

Bonne fin de semaine!

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

French 9

  • Practise saying and/or writing
    • places, people and subjects in school p 24-26
    • school supplies p23
  • Tomorrow we will work on asking and answering questions with the new vocabulary

French 11

    • Everyone:  It is imperative that you read the article tonight on children’s lives in the Middle Ages (p. 16 in the unit booklet).  Take your time to read the article for comprehension.  You won’t be given time in class to do this.  Be prepared to discuss with a partner whether you think girls lives were more/less/equally difficult compared to boys’ lives in the Middle Ages.   If you need help with some of the vocabulary, refer to the attached document:  Vie quotidienne article-Word list.
    • Block 3:  Please finish the activities in the unit booklet that we started in class (p. 21-22 Act. 1 #1-7, Act. 2 and Act. 4).
    • Block 4:  Please finish reading about comparisons on p. 18-19 of the unit booklet then do the following activities: (p. 21-22 Act. 1 #1-7, Act. 2 and Act. 4).  

French 12

Entrance Slip for tomorrow’s class:  Please write 3 sentences using the conditional tense.  You’ll hand them to Mme Thiele as you come into class tomorrow.  You can start with the following phrases OR make up your own!:

Si j’étais…je…

Si j’avais…je…

Si je pouvais…je…

Example:  Si j’étais professeur de français, je donnerais des bonbons à mes

élèves tous les jours.


Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

French 9

  • Please finish writing your 10 questions & answers using school words and the language chunks practised in class today
    • Tomorrow I will ask you to share some of your questions/answers aloud
  • Practise saying and/or writing
    • school supplies
    • weather phrases
    • useful classroom expressions
    • days, months and seasons

French 11

  • If you didn’t do so last night, take this Google Earth tour of the famous French medieval castle at Carcassonne:  Visit the landmarks described on page 6 in your unit booklet.  You’ll need Google Earth and, ideally, your tour will be in 3D.   Note:  If you don’t have Google Earth, you can visit it in 2D street view on Google Maps (search for Cité de Carcassonne).
  • Please watch the following video on medieval castles tonight:
  • If you didn’t so in class, finish your Venn diagram on p. 15 of the unit booklet (at least 5 sentences).  Come prepared to share your comparisons with a new partner tomorrow.

French 12

A reminder to record your final “Mon plan d’action” video tonight.  It should be between 2 and 3 minutes long.

To submit your video, please upload it to OneDrive and e-mail me the link at  To upload and share your link:

  1. Upload the video to OneDrive.
  2. Select the “Share” option.
  3. Change the settings to “Anyone with link can view”.
  4. Select “Copy link”.
  5. Paste the link in an e-mail to

If, for some reason, you can’t upload to OneDrive, you may upload to Google Drive but you’ll need to make sure that the ‘Share’ settings are adjusted to enable me to view the video.