Friday, January 31st, 2020

French 9

  • Bonne fin de semaine, les amis 🙂
  • Spend some time this weekend reviewing the questions and answers we practised this week
  • Try saying them aloud to develop your confidence with pronunciation
  • PLEASE BRING YOUR DEVICE TO CLASSES NEXT WEEK. You will spend some time working through interactive online activities at your own pace.


French 11

  • Bon weekend tout le monde 🙂
  • Remember that next week you will be moving on to some new learning! Take some time this weekend (before the semester becomes even busier) to review the basics & develop your confidence with talking about the past
  • Scroll down to practice with Mme Thiele’s links from yesterday


French 12

  •  Bravo! One week in & you’ve already completed your first evaluated conversations!
  •  Bonne fin de semaine 🙂