Tuesday, February 4, 2020

French 9

  • Please remember to bring your laptops tomorrow as you will be working through a series of online activities to develop & practise some basic French vocabulary
  • At home, you can work on writing the words, phrases and questions on p 14 of your unit package and the “Je m’appelle ________. J’aime __________. Je n’aime pas _____” sheet from last week.
    • We have been working on assessing your interpretive and speaking skills. Next, we will assess your ability to produce them.

French 11

If you didn’t finish it in class, please complete the second activity on p. 19 of your unit booklets.

Bring an artifact that speaks to who you are today, keeping in mind that our unit theme is how time and place can affect our personal identity.

French 12

If you didn’t finish them in class, please finish your paragraphs on your personal profile.