Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

French 9

  • Here is the page with the links to your computer learning stations. Please check off the activities you have completed on your paper copy and, when asked to write, fill in on your paper  Links to Learning Activities
  • Please complete the first page activities up to and including the alphabet song with word matching. We will review in class tomorrow.

French 11

Remember to bring in your “artifact” tomorrow.  The artifact will be an object of some sort that represents a part of your identity.  For example, it might be a photo, a stuffed animal, a favourite food or a piece of sports paraphernalia.  We will talk more tomorrow about the videos you’ll be recording with the artifact.

French 12

Finish the activities on p. 16 and 17 of your booklets.  Note:  Skip Activity 1 on p. 16.   For Activity 1 on p. 17, you can simply write the English word next to the French word.