Thursday, February 6th, 2020

French 9

  • What vocabulary and language chunks have we explored in these first two weeks of class? Which ones do you feel confident about using & which ones do you need more practice with?
  • Make sure you are setting aside time each day to review & practice what we do in class.
  • Think about how you learn best & what you need to be able to do….understand it, use it in conversation and write it. Your review time should vary from day to day to include speaking, reading and writing
    • Can you tell your name, age and some likes/dislikes?  (1st day handout)
    • Can you ask a partner those questions?
    • Can you confidently count aloud to 20? By 10s to 100?   p 10
    • Can you answer and ask questions about the date and the season? p 12
    • Can you greet people or say good bye at different times of day?  p 14
    • Can you introduce a friend?  p14
    • Can you use some common classroom expressions & questions  p 16

French 11

A reminder that artifact videos are due on Monday, February 10.  The outline for the activity is attached:  Personal Artifact Video outline.

French 12

Here is the video we watched in class today

Thinking about the video on the “portefaix” of the Lomé Grand Marché, answer the following question:

Quelles sont les différences entre tes options et les options des portefaix au sujet du  travail?  (What are the differences between your options and the options of the “portefaix” when it comes to work?)

Be prepared to share your thoughts with a partner in class tomorrow.