Monday, February 10, 2020

French 11

  1. A reminder to come up with 2 synonym pairs like we did in class today (one with an apparent French origin), e.g. to love/to adore.  Google the etymology of each word and record it.  The notes you take will serve as an “entrance ticket” into class tomorrow.
  2. Take this Google Earth tour of the famous French medieval castle at Carcassonne:  Visit the landmarks described on page 6 in your unit booklet.  You’ll need Google Earth and, ideally, your tour will be in 3D.   Note:  If you don’t have Google Earth, you can visit it in 2D street view on Google Maps (search for Cité de Carcassonne).

If you were away today, please watch the following video on the history of the French language:


French 12

  1. Make a solid plan tonight for what you want to talk about in your “Plan d’action” video.   Write down some “speaking points” so that you’ll have a framework for whatt you want to say.  You can refer to the notes while filming your video, but cannot use a word-by-word script.  You’ll have about 15 minutes at the beginning of class to prepare for and record  your 3-minute video.
  2. In preparation for tomorrow’s class, please read the following article:  Apres les etudes p. 59.

If you were absent today, please watch the following video:

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