Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

French 9

  • Write 5 questions using question words we practised in class today & any other vocabulary that we’ve been working on recently (school places, supplies, people, provinces, words to show position, etc)
  • Tomorrow we will practise answering your questions in class

French 11

  • Plan a trip to Quebec tonight!  You will be taking a train from Vancouver to Toronto then flying to Quebec city.  Keep it simple and travel as a single adult. Your screenshots will serve as your entrance slip to class tomorrow.
  1. Begin by visiting ViaRail then search for trips from Vancouver to Toronto that depart on Mar. 2 and return on Mar. 15.
  2. Click through the booking process and stop when you get to the screen that says “Révisez votre itinéraire, votre tarif et votre franchise de baggage” at the top. Take a screenshot of your itinerary.
  3. Then, visit Air Canada and find a flight from Toronto to Quebec City, leaving on  Mar. 8 and returning on Mar. 13.
  4. Stop when you get to the screen that says “Vol de départ” at the top.  Take a screenshot of this screen.  A reminder that your screenshots will be your entrance slips to class tomorrow.
  • If you were away today, read p. 21-23 in the unit booklet.  Highlight or circle any words that are related to train travel.

French 12

Tomorrow, we will be thinking about culture in our city.  Take time tonight to visit to find out what the city is doing to promote culture locally.  Visit to learn about Coquitlam’s French past!  And, finally, visit the website of this amazing Francophone choir from Coquitlam, Les Échos du Pacifique.