Thursday, February 27th, 2020

French 9

Bonne fin de semaine les amis 🙂

Review telling time in French on page 36 of your unit package

Practise writing 5 questions that include time, a verb we have learned and any other words from your unit that make sense. Then, answer them.

Use your package to make sure that you are following the verb pattern, checking whether words are masculine or feminine, spelling correctly, etc.

This will only start to come naturally (and more accurately) with practice.

Example:  À quelle heure est-ce que tu vas étudier à la bibliothèque?

Je vais étudier à la bibliothèque à 3h45.


* Over the long weekend, please continue to study vocabulary from your unit package. We are nearing the end of this unit & you are expected to be able to use the phrases and vocabulary.

  • weather, days, seasons
  • school vocabulary
  • words to describe position or place
  • useful classroom expressions


French 11

If you are in BLOCK 4:

  1. Visit the following website to learn about our new verb tense, le futur simple:  
  2. Then watch this video to become familiar with formation of the futur simple:

If you are in BLOCK 3:

  1. Please complete the practice exercises for le future simple in your unit booklet:  p. 29 Activities 2 and 3.
  2. Also, for another explanation on the difference between the near future and the simple future (e.g. je vais voyager vs. je voyagerai), visit this website:
  3. You can also watch this video to reinforce learning around formation of the futur simple.
  4. Finally, as promised, here is a chart that shows the order of pronouns before an action word:

Order of Pronouns


French 12

Read this perspective on culture on p. 6 of your unit booklet, La culture permet à l’homme de s’élever au-dessus de lui-même.  Use your usual strategies for reading, i.e.: Read it over once to get a sense of the general theme/meaning.  Read it a second time, looking for words you recognize, mots-amis, context and, finally, looking up unfamiliar words in the dictionary.  Read it a third time for a more fulsome understanding of the text.

Then, in French, on p. 7 of your booklet, share your opinion on which phrase or sentence from the article resonated most with you.  This will serve as your entrance slip to Monday’s class.

Finally, watch this video in preparation for our discussions on cultural appropriation: