Monday, March 2, 2020

French 9

  • To practise what we worked on in class today, write three more questions using ‘quand, qui, où’ and action words from your unit package
  • Write a full sentence response to each of your three questions
  • Try to use ‘my’ and ‘your’ in your questions and answers (Mon, ma, mes  AND ton, ta, tes).
  • Practise writing the ‘er’ verbs in French that we have been using (p31). Learning check-in this week! You need to know how to write it and what it means.

French 11

Block 3:  To practice using the conditional, write two sentences about the following:

  • For politeness:  Say one thing you would like to do on your trip to your Francophone destination.
  • For a hypothetical situation:  Si j’avais une million de dollars, je…

Block 4:  Practice the futur simple tonight by completing activities 2 and 3 on p. 29 of your unit booklet.

French 12

Prepare for tomorrow’s mini-debates!  Think about how you might share your opinion in favour or against the topic at hand.  Write down your key points and bring them to class with you.

You will need to think ahead of time about some good arguments you can use to support your position.  This might include comparisons (plus/moins/aussi/autant que), justifications (parce que, car) and examples (par exemple).  Of course, you’ll want to use some of the language we’ve learned to agree or disagree with someone.  You can have your unit booklets with you during the mini-debates.

A reminder that the debate topics are:

  • Les fourchettes sont plus utiles que les cuillers.
  • Le wi-fi est meilleur que les données (data).
  • Les pandas sont meilleurs que les unicornes.

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