Thursday, March 5, 2020

French 9

  • Complete your story & write 10 questions to go along with it
  • If you were absent, use ‘Le Matin’ story as a guide to re-write from your own perspective (Change the times, things you carry, places you go, etc. Use only words we have practised in Unit 1) Don’t forget to change the action word/verb so that it follows the pattern!
  • REMINDER:  Presentational learning check in with ‘er’ verbs will be tomorrow!
  • End of unit assessments will begin next week 🙂

French 11

  1. Do you remember our discussion today about how and why some languages have been dominant at certain times throughout history?  Check out the top 40 songs in France right now.  And the top films of 2019 in France.  What do you notice?
  2. Read the article about a trip to Canada on p. 46-47 of your booklet and answer the questions on p. 47.  (You can write your answers in point-form on p. 47 if you like.)

French 12

Tomorrow, we’ll begin talking about the economic benefits of culture.  Practice your interpretive-listening skills tonight by watching this interview about culture as an “atout économique” (economic asset) in the city of Montréal.