Tuesday, April 14, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

Bonjour les amis! Comment était la longue fin de semaine? 

*If you haven’t yet submitted your comic on Teams, I have sent you an email. Please reply     today & hand in your assignment as soon as you can.


  • This week we are starting the short story unit about Napoléon – a cat who has many adventures! I’m disappointed that we can’t discover these stories together but I hope you will enjoy reading them at home. You will develop your vocabulary and sentence structure as you read, and become more comfortable asking and answering a variety of questions.
  • You will read one story each day this week (Tues-Thurs), keep a list of new vocabulary and complete the handouts for the first two stories. Completing the handouts will help you to learn and understand the stories, and to prepare for your end of unit assessments. Don’t skip them!
  • I encourage you to partner with a friend from class (remotely, of course!) to practice reading the stories aloud and asking/answering the questions … just like we would if we could all gather together in the classroom! You could also read them with a sibling or a parent 🙂
  • Submit Assignment #3 only when you have finished the 3  short stories & related work
  • If you have any questions, please share them on the Questions Pour Madame channel on Teams because someone else probably has the same question! I’m also available for a phone call or video conference. Let me know how I can support you 🙂

1. The little Napoleon

2. Chez la vieille dame

3.Book 3 Napoléon a faim

4. Assignment #3 Napoléon 1-3


French 11

Français 11 Block 3 Team

Français 11 Block 4 Team

Bonjour les amis 🙂 J’espère que vous allez tous bien.

  • If you haven’t yet turned in your assignment from last week, please send me an email and let me know how you are. Try to hand in your assignment as soon as you can. 


  1. Assignment 3  |  Week 2 of le journal visuel: Follow the same format as last week (written or video + image).  J’aimerais savoir une chose que tu as apprise la semaine passée. Ça peut être personnel (quelque chose que tu as apprise de toi-même), académique, drôle, informatif, etc… This is a quick snapshot (using past tense & necessary vocabulary to explain or describe) & is not designed to take a LONG time. Submit on Teams by Friday, April 17 at 4:00.

Les amis, I’m super disappointed that we’re not together in the classroom to look at some   French-Canadian stories and short films and learn a little about the history & evolution of the French language across Canada. Because we only have three hours of French work each week, we will just take a quick look at one of the most famous Canadian stories for children. In English, it is called The Hockey Sweater. It was originally written in French by Roch Carrier and it is a story he first shared on Radio Canada as a personal essay on identity. It wasn’t until after he shared it, that the idea emerged for it to be an illustrated children’s book. The following activities are meant to help you to understand the story and to develop your vocabulary and sentence structure (* notice the use of the imparfait in this story for things that the children did on a regular basis in the past!)

2. Start by watching the short film version here https://www.nfb.ca/film/chandail_le/

It’s only 10 minutes long. You may need to pause and rewatch certain parts. Challenge yourself to watch & listen in French.

3. Next, read a condensed version of the story here le_chandail_-_roch_carrier__1_

* I suggest working with a partner (remotely, of course!) to work through reading the story in the same way that we would in class.  This handout will help you to understand some of the new words and language structures that are in the story   le chandail vocab

4. Finally, answer the following questions in point form to ensure that you understand the important parts of the story & vocab    chandailquestions

*These are not to be handed in, but they will help you to prepare for your assessment next week.

5. Please complete your ‘study’ of the story by Monday, April 20th. Submit this Assignment 4 – Le chandail de Hockey  on Teams to confirm that you are ready. On Monday, I will post the details of your assessment here on the blog. We will set aside time next week for small group meetings on Teams to discuss the story.

***As always, I’ll be available throughout the week to answer your questions or support you any way that I can. Please submit questions about the assignment or French in general on the Questions Pour Madame channel on Teams … someone else probably has the same question! Email me if you need more personal support and we can arrange a phone call or video chat.


French 12

Français 12 Team

Bonjour tout le monde 🙂 Vous me manquez beaucoup. J’espère que vous êtes tous en bonne forme! Je suis bien contente que vous avez tous soumis votre travail de la semaine passée. Bravo! 


Assignment 3 – Infographie culturelle

Questions? Laissez-moi un message sur Teams 🙂


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