Monday, April 20, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team


  • This week we will continue the short story unit about Napoléon.
  • The repetition in the stories is necessary for language learners. Take the time to practice the vocabulary so that it becomes familiar … make your own Quizlet or a set of cue cards
  • Read one story each day this week (Tues-Thurs), keep a list of new vocabulary and complete the handouts for the first two stories. Completing the handouts will help you to learn and understand the stories, and to prepare for your end of unit assessments. Don’t skip them!
  • Last week, some of you partnered with a friend while you worked through the story. Bravo! I believe that reading aloud and discussing the story as you go helps you to further develop your language and makes learning more fun! The more time you spend reading and talking about the stories in French, the more language you will acquire. Make a plan with someone from class or from your family so that you are not always working alone.
  • Submit Assignment #4 only when you have finished the 3  short stories & related work

1.   Napoléon et la souris

2.   Napoléon et le chien méchant

3.   Napoleon et l’oiseau

    • Audio of Madame reading the story (optional listening for pronunciation)
    • Make a list of new vocabulary and structures from the story
    • Practise retelling the 3 stories from this week aloud. Challenge yourself to retell without looking at the text. Make a list of words you forget or are unsure of so that you can practise them more.
    • Assignment#4


  • I would like to invite everyone to meet with me on Monday (TODAY) at 1 pm on Teams for a video chat about Napoléon, some of the new language structures & anything else you’d like to discuss. I recommend that you set yourself up before 1 pm. I will post the link to join on Teams around 12:50. You can join before 1pm, mute your mic and turn off your video until I start the meeting.


French 11

Français 11 Block 3 Team

Français 11 Block 4 Team


Les amis, j’espère que vous avez aimé lire l’histoire du Chandail de Hockey la semaine passée. Cette semaine, nous allons s’amuser un peu plus 🙂


  1. Assignment 5  |  Week 3 of le journal visuel: Follow the same format as last week (written or video + image).
    • I’d like to hear what you’ve been doing to keep yourself busy at home during the quarantine.
    • This gives you an opportunity to use more than one tense as you might include what you do every day (present), what you did during the week that was different (past), what plans you have for the week or weekend ahead (future), and you could even include what you would do if you could (conditional) or what is necessary to do (subjunctive)!
    • As always, please provide a list of words or phrasing that you had to look up, but challenge yourself to use the language that you already have! Submit on Teams by Friday, April 24.
  2. As a follow up to reading a French-Canadian children’s story, I’d like you to delve into the world of French music and find at least one group or musician that you really like. Start with a genre that you already enjoy in English (or any other language) and share a song that you like with the rest of the class.
    • Moi, j’adore plein de musiciens et de musiciennes francophones …trop pour les inclure tous ici!  Coeur de Pirate, Zaz, Tibz, Francis Cabrel, Pomme … mais il y en a pour tout le monde. Amusez-vous bien!   Assignment 6 Une chanson que j’aime


  1. I’ll be sending out an invite for a class meeting on Teams this week. I’d love to see you there if you’re available! Wednesday … Block 3 at 11am & Block 4 at 1pm
  2. Have extra time & looking for things to do that don’t involve a screen? Take a look here défis-en-famille-confinement  There are some fun & creative activities! Share on the Question Channel if you pick one of these.
  3. Looking for a way to challenge your French listening skills?
    • There are lots of free listening activities here. No sign up required. You can even take a test to find out which level you should focus on 🙂
    • Also, reading and listening/viewing activities here (by theme)

      Les actus à la une



French 12

Français 12 Team

Once again, awesome work les amis! Everyone handed in their infographics!


  1. It’s all about speaking and listening this week! Please sign up for a time to meet on Thursday in small groups on Teams to share what you learned in your research for your cultural infographic.
    • Available time slots will be posted on the Question Channel. Reply to book your slot.
    • Yes, you can choose to ‘meet’ with your friends if you want.
    • Each person will take notes on what they hear/understand and, after the conversation, fill out this chart & submit on Teams by Friday  Cultural Show & Tell
  2. I’ll also be sending you feedback & corrections on the text of your infographic and asking for corrections to be submitted.
  3. To work on listening & viewing skills that are at your own level, go to and take the test. Then, you can choose your listening activities within the level most suitable for you. Choose at least one activity from a theme/topic of interest.
  4. Submit the handout on Teams TV5Monde Handout