Thursday, September 17th, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

A-L students who had French class today:

  • Please review all new vocabulary & concepts (alphabet, combined letter sounds, asking & telling the date and seasons, colours, useful classroom expressions)
  • If the links are functional on your computer, you can continue to use the interactive sites from your computer learning stations and add the calendar activities on page 4 of your handout. You can try googling “languages online French” and, if the site works for you, look for the concepts related to calendar
    • NOTE:  There’s an issue with dates in your handout vs dates in the infographic for the Calendrier activity 2 on page 4. For all of the questions between #10 & 17 asking for a specific year, please look for the NEXT date of the holiday in the 2020/21 school year. 
  • If the links do not work on your device, consider
    • practising in front of the mirror to say the words aloud
    • writing them down
    • teaching them to someone else in your household 
    • asking a friend from class to practise with you over the phone
    • making your own flashcards with pictures or English words on the back
    • making your own Quizlet


M-Z students who do not have class on Thursdays

Please bring all materials to class tomorrow:

  • yellow permission form
  • unit package
  • name tag
  • worksheet from last class with name, age, likes/dislikes



French 11

Français 11 Team

To continue your practice with talking about things that happened in the past, please 

  • complete and review the activities on page 32 & 33 of your unit
  • work through orally responding to the questions on page 35 (if you didn’t do this in class)
  • complete the practice work on page 36
  • make a personalized list of action words (verbs) in French that you will need to talk about your life. (Think about what you did when you were a young child & as an older child.)

***If forming the imparfait is proving to be a challenge, do some review of present tense of commonly used action words 🙂


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