Wednesday, September 23, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team


For all students A-Z, please follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Create a French folder for your laptop (to keep digital files organized!)
  2. Download the following Word document to your French folder Answering Questions Sept 23
  3. Follow the instructions to answer the questions directly on the Word document
  4. Submit the completed Word document to Teams by 4:30.

Then, continue to practise your structures & vocabulary by doing the following:

  • Review the new vocabulary and language structures we have practised in class so far (See unit package)
  • Go to
    • Become a student member (use school email & create your own password)
    • Use the invite code to log into the Français 9 class
    • Complete the 3 assignments for your French 9 class
  • Listen to this audio & repeat after me to practise the combined letter sounds on pages 7-9


French 11

Français 11 Team


  • Make sure you finished reading about Notre-Dame de Paris (p 8-11)
  • Review or re-read the texts & any notes you took in class today (p 3-11)
    • On page 12 of your unit, start a personalized vocab list
    • Choose 10 words from your reading that you think will be important for you to continue communicating on the topics
    • Choose 5 of the words from your list & use them in an original sentence
  • On the Questions Pour Madame channel on Teams, post in French
    • one of the most interesting facts you learned today  OR
    • a question/something you are wondering about (I wonder in French = Je me demande…)


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