Wednesday, October 28, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

1.To review & prepare for your interpretive, Napoléon assessment on Friday

2.To follow up with today’s class work on la famille & practise numbers to 100

  • Complete the activities up to p 31


  • Presentational assessment tomorrow – ER verbs from p 32 of your 1st unit package


French 11

Français 11 Team

Bonjour les amis à la maison 🙂

You have the following tasks to work through before your next class:

  1. Finish working through your comprehension of Le chandail de hockey
    • Watch the National Film Board of Canada’s film version of the story (if you haven’t already)
    • Read at least the first 2 pages of the story in French
    • Complete the questions handed out in class
    • Be ready to retell main parts in French & discuss
  2. Find out 5 interesting facts about the Canadian artist & film maker, Frédéric Back
    • Then, watch his highly acclaimed short film, Crac!


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