Friday, November 27, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

What did we review & practise in class today?

  • Est-ce que questions p33
  • key words (for present, past, future) p 27
  • ‘avoir’ expressions p21
  • question words p34 combined with ‘est-ce que’  example: Quand est-ce que tu vas à l’école?
  • action words (verbs) p 42-43


  • Complete the assigned activities on The Language Gym before class on Monday
  • Studythe new vocabulary & language structures from today’s class
  • Prepare for your interpretive learning check-in (verbs) p43
    • Remember that this means ‘understanding’ what the words mean
    • Practise making questions & sentences with the words like we did in class. You give meaning to the words by using them to communicate your message & this helps you to remember them! 


French 10

Français 10 Team


  • For your next class, be sure you have completed your practice work up to/including p32
  • Complete the full sentence, written answers for Aimez-vous l’école on p 10-11

To prepare for speaking, listening and written assessments for this intro unit:

  • Review the questions on p 33 (so that you are comfortable asking/answering them in partners next week)
  • Use the sentence builder on p 34 to practise talking about what you like/don’t like about school
    • An important goal for French 10 is to add more voluntary detail to your conversations. The sentence builder helps you to do this when talking about school.
  • Complete the exercises on p 35 using the sentence builder 
  • Review the structures & vocabulary on p 36 & 37 to talk about what you did on the weekend & what you are going to do

Need words to discuss emotions?

  • I’ve included some on p 38!

Need to review some verbs in the present tense?

  • Take a look at p 39!

Bon weekend à vous tous 🙂




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