Wednesday, December 2, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

What did we review & practise in class today?

  • talking about our daily routines & when we do things  p 52-58


  • make sure you have completed the activities up to the end of p 58
  • review asking/answering questions about your daily routine
  • quiz yourself on new vocabulary for daily routine
  • quiz yourself on writing ‘er’ verbs in French 
    • Presentational assessment on Friday 



French 10

Français 10 Team

Bon mercredi les amis 🙂

Your work this afternoon is to prepare for your oral & written assessments on Thurs/Fri.

Oral assessment:

  • You will participate in conversations with peers on the topic of you, your family & friends, school & leisure activities
  • You are expected to fully engage in spontaneous conversation that includes voluntary details & follow up questions
  • Review your intro unit package for language structures and new vocabulary you can include to ‘level up’ your language skills & move beyond the basics of French 9 
    • Review any vocabulary that you got stuck on during your practice conversations
    • Think about question format & how to vary the types of questions you ask
    • Practise saying questions, words or phrases aloud for fluency & pronunciation
    • Review expressions & reactions (so that you are not simply nodding when your partners share info about themselves)

Written assessment:

  • You will be given a prompt in class
  • The prompt will be related to all you have reviewed in the intro unit
  • Re-read the story, the paragraphs & the sentence builders in your package
    • Remember what our goals are when communicating this year … including details; strings of simple, original sentences; a variety of vocabulary
  • Review the types of challenges you had with your Jean-Paul et ses amis summary
    • Make notes to yourself about how to avoid doing the same thing in your second piece of writing
    • Make sure you have completed the re-write of your story summary & bring it to your next class




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