Thursday, December 3, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

What did we review & practise in class today?

  • Talking about our daily routines & when we do things  p 57-58
  • Interpretive reading:  benefits of walking & pedalling to school  p 59
  • Quick review of combined letter sounds, weather, numbers to 100
  • Self-assessment of unit objectives & personal goals p 2
  • Language Gym assignments     *verb patterns
    • Also, time to explore on your own! Go to Games Room to choose activities that interest you.


  • Take time to review vocabulary and language from the unit that you haven’t mastered yet
  • Prepare to write your ‘ER’ verbs tomorrow
  • Continue practising verb patterns on The Language Gym


French 10

Français 10 Team

Students M-Z:

  • Bring your re-write and first draft of Jean-Paul et ses amis summary to class tomorrow
  • Prepare for your oral & written assessments

Students A-L:

  • Before your next class, study the vocabulary & structures on p 1-4 of the new unit
  • Complete the checklist & phrases for your typical day on p 5 so that you are ready to share with your partner on Monday
  • Keep working through The Language Gym assignments