Wednesday, December 9, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

What did we review & practise in class today?

    • We reviewed yesterday’s story & practised to retell
    • We read the third story in the Napoléon series & worked through activities to develop comprehension & vocabulary
    • Some students had time to complete p 10 (Describing hair & eyes)
    • Some students worked on class assignments in the Language Gym

Things to do tonight:

    • Review vocabulary & structures from Napoléon a faim
    • Re-read the story here Book 3 Napoléon a faim
    • Listen to the audio of the story here
    • Complete any unfinished class work about the story on p 13-15
    • Complete p 10 (Describing hair & eyes)  * rasé means shaved in English
    • Practise your IR/RE verb meanings p 44 of your first unit book 
      • Interpretive learning check in tomorrow 🙂

***I have removed some older assignments from The Language Gym, added two new assignments & extended the time for verb trainer assignments until next Wednesday. Please set aside at least 15 minutes a day until you’ve completed all of the assignments with an accuracy rate of the Fully Meeting range (80% or higher)


French 10

Français 10 Team

Bon mercredi tout le monde!

Today you are continuing to work on using proper structures when communicating in both present & past tenses.

  • First, read the two texts on p 19 – 22 & answer the questions in complete sentences
    • Underline all of the present tense verb structures
    • Circle both parts of the past tense structures
  • Then, review the structure for past tense on p 23-24 & complete exercises 1-4 on p 24-25 
    • For #2, you can change some of the words (The questions are old & we no longer use cassette tapes! You can change that word to “chansons” or “playlist”. Also, you can change la chaîne stéréo to whatever you use for storing your music)

***I have re-configured the longer Language Gym training sessions to 15 minutes (the longest available).

***The assignments posted are set to archive by next Wednesday. I only check off your name when you have completed all of the questions in a set in the Fully Meeting range. 

    • For example:  if you only complete 20/144, you have not completed the activity & I don’t check off your name. 
    • Keep working on them until you can get through all of them within the time limit 🙂