Friday, December 11, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

What did we review & practise in class today?

    • We completed the interpretive assessment (your understanding) of books 1-4
    • We reflected on all you have learned & have shown you can do so far this quarter
    • We read the fifth story in the Napoléon series & worked through activities to develop comprehension & vocabulary
    • Some students worked on class assignments in the Language Gym

Things to do tonight:

    • Review vocabulary & structures from Napoléon et le chien méchant p 21
      • Remember that there were quite a few in this story! You need to study 🙂
    • Re-read the story here Book 5 Napoléon et le chien méchant
    • Listen to the audio of the story here
    • Complete any unfinished class work about the story on p 22-23
    • Start at the beginning and, using only the pictures, practise retelling stories 1-5
    • Take some time to work on your Language Gym training activities & make note of the ones you have mastered so far


French 10

Français 10 Team

All students:

Before your next class, please work through the following exercises:

  • All incomplete class/home work up to and including p25
  • practice exercises on p 26-27 (that you didn’t finish in class)
  • la carte postale on p 28
  • Review the present and past structure for partir, sortir & dormir p 30
  • Complete the exercises on p 30-31
  • Do some Language Gym practice if you haven’t yet completed your training exercises!





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