Wednesday, January 13, 2021

French 9

Français 9 Team

Bon mercredi les amis 🙂

Your first task this morning is due by 10:00!

Task #1

  • Go the the Questions Pour Madame channel
  • Reply to Mme’s question using the sentence builder on p 51 of your “Moi, ma famille, mes amis” unit
    • Make sure that you you explain why you like & don’t like the food you are talking about
  • Then, use the expressions from the back of your first unit package to “react” to at least two people

Task #2

  • Complete the vocabulary building exercises for talking about food on p 52-53

Task #3

  • Watch this Alice Ayel video

  • Be prepared to discuss in class & to answer the question she asks at the end 

***Your ‘classroom expressions’ check-in is scheduled for your next class

***End of unit Napoléon conversations will be on Monday/Tuesday next week

French 10

Français 10 Team

We are finishing up the mini unit of household chores!

For tonight:

  • make sure you have completed your class work (the story and questions about Pablo & Fernando on p 14-17)


  • Your evaluated conversations on Friday will include vocabulary from the last 3 units (A typical day, Your house, Chores)
    • You are expected to actively engage in conversations with classmates to learn more about their lives
    • To explain, describe & include more detail, try to use unit vocabulary, describing words, time words, and connecting words
  • Your “Là où je dors” video is due by Friday morning
  • You will have a quick learning check-in for the first 50 essential verbs in past tense on Friday before the conversations begin (past tense for ‘je’ & meaning of the word)



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