Friday, February 5, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team

Bon weekend tout le monde 🙂

To be prepared for class on Monday:

Here is the music video we watched in class today  

  • make sure you have completed your classwork up to/including #28 on p 32
  • review the action words/verbs on p 39
  • review new vocabulary from the activities you have worked through this week

***Next week, we will begin to focus on more oral activities and complete some written & interpretive assessment of your learning so far 🙂


French 11

French 11 Team

All Students

Please make sure you have done the following before your next class:

  • Review the learning objectives on p 2 and set goals for the unit on p 3
  • If you haven’t already read through the Fr 9 & 10 brainstorming, please review it on Wednesday’s blog post. It will help you to think about that you are already supposed to be able to do/use in French
  • Please review this lesson & complete the fill-in-the-blank quiz for some immediate feedback
  • Please review the poem on p 17 & complete the classwork that accompanies the poem on p 16, 18, 19

*** A-L Students – Make sure you have also completed your 5 reciprocal or reflexive sentences for practice. We will share them in class on Monday. 


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