Tuesday, February 16, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team

To memorize the daily routine vocabulary, you can practise on The Language Gym

  • Click on the link below, enter your class, and click on the assignments 
  •  https://www.language-gym.com
    • Complete these activities by Thursday, please
    • New activities will be added towards the end of the week
  • Review the in-class readings & new vocabulary on p 19-22 


French 11

French 11 Team

All Students:

  • review the answer key for your work on p 32 & 36 here (please ignore the duplicate page!) p32&36

To prepare for your assessment at the end of the week

  • continue to review the 2 past tenses along with the language chunks on p 38-39
  • complete the ‘chronologie de ma vie’ assignment & bring your 11×17 timeline to your next class

CHRONOLOGIE DE MA VIE   (timeline of my life ….up to this point)

Using an 11×17 sheet of paper, please:

  • draw a timeline from the year you were born to present
  • include two sentences for each year of your life (things that happened, things that you did, activities that you participated in, etc)
  • include a quick sketch/visual for each year

Be prepared:

  • to only use words & language that you know (Reliance on a translator means that you are not meeting expectations at this time)
    • You may look up a maximum of 3 single words. Please include them in a glossary somewhere on your page.
  • to share your timeline with partners
  • to ask/answer follow-up questions
  • to use past tenses (and present or future as needed depending on questions)
  • to use sequencing and frequency words (see p37-40)
  • to hand in your timeline at the end of class

***En première année = In grade one        En deuxième année = In grade two    …etc.

*** J’ai commencé la première année = I started grade one




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