Wednesday, March 3, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team

Good work with your end of unit assessments today! 

  • If you were away, we will make time during class when you return to complete these

To be ready for class tomorrow, please

  • make sure you completed the questions for the story & the song 
  • complete The Language Gym activities (one new task was added today that will help with adding detail & complexity to your sentences)


French 11

French 11 Team

Bon mercredi les amis!

In our readings during the past week, you have seen three types of past tense structures. Since the beginning of French 11, you have been practising how and when to use

  • the passé composé (ex. j’ai mangé, j’ai regardé, je suis allé, je suis parti …etc) and
  • the imparfait (je mangeais, je regardais, j’allais, je partais …etc)

When you are telling a story in the past and you need to refer to something that happened even earlier than the rest of the story, you need a different structure – the plus-que-parfait  –  that combines the imparfait & the passé composé like this

j’avais mangé  = I had eaten

j’avais regardé = I had looked

j’étais allé = I had gone

j’étais parti = I had left      etc


  1. Go to p 12 of your unit & review the structure for the plus-que-parfait.
  2. Follow along with the video lesson to practice this tense (& some other structural details too!)
  3. Click on this Quizlet link to practise the structure. Don’t skip this step!
  4. Now, write a paragraph that shows some of what you have learned recently about the history of France and/or the French language and/or the Notre Dame Cathedral. Include several sentences using the plus-que-parfait structure. Try to use a variety of action words that use both ‘être’ and ‘avoir’ so that you are practising both. Challenge yourself to include some interesting details to your sentences. DO NOT USE A TRANSLATOR! DO NOT COPY SENTENCES FROM YOUR UNIT PACKAGE … put it in your own words, please 🙂 

***You will share your paragraphs at the beginning of your next class

       5. Complete Language Gym tasks by tonight. One new task was added today that will help you to add more detail to your sentences. I will be recording completion tomorrow. 











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