Thursday, March 11, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team


Make sure you have completed all class work

    • story & questions p 14-17
    • review of the sentence builder about getting along with family on p 19
    • finish reading Jean-Paul et ses amis

To prepare for end of unit assessments on Monday/Tuesday

  • review unit vocabulary & structures
  • use The Language Gym -> GAMES  (top right) to independently practice verbs structures, vocabulary or previously learned units  (after completing the assigned tasks, of course! They will close tomorrow at the latest.)
  • Remember that strong communicators are good listeners & they ask interesting questions
    • spend some time thinking about general questions to ask when getting to know a person & what types of follow up questions you can put together in French


French 11

French 11 Team

Bon weekend les amis!

As a follow-up to today’s castle conversations & to further prepare for Monday

  • think about what went well/what could have been better
  • practice any new vocab that you realized that you needed, but didn’t have for your conversations today 
  • think about ways that you can discuss and personalize rather than ‘just tell’ … talking about what you like/think is cool, whether you would like to go there, what stands out for you etc are all ways of personalizing
  • Comparing & contrasting your castles is a great way to use some of our unit vocabulary & personalize or share opinions at the same time 

Take the time to read the legend of ‘Le monstre du lac Banyoles” & to write 6-10 questions to ask a partner