Wednesday, March 17, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team

Bon mercredi, les amis!

Follow the steps to complete your virtual Wednesday work at home.

  1. Turn to p 5 of your new unit. Look at the picture and make predictions to answer the 3 questions (in French). 
  2. Listen to the following short episode called Alice in Paris – Submergée au marché and write any words that you understand the first time that you listen. Don’t worry if you don’t understand many! You will have time to work through it 🙂                          
  3. On p 6, Activité 1, put the events of the episode in chronological order & write the meaning of each event in English
  4. Skip to p 8-9 and complete Activité 4. Use the word banks on the left to fill in the blanks. Once complete, re-listen to the episode and try to read along with the narration. 

***Make sure you have read Chapter 1 of Le Voyage & completed the questions before your next class


French 11

French 11 Team

On célèbre la langue française partout au monde cette semaine 🙂

C’est la semaine de la francophonie!

Here’s the video about la francophonie that we watched in class today

      1. Read through the following powerpoint & write down your answers to the questions     at the end     Francophone-Africa-(2)

     2.  Check the list of countries on this page Country research

  • go to the Questions Pour Madame channel to answer my question & say which country or region you are going to learn about & present.
  • Make sure that another student has not already selected that region! Only one student/place.

       3. Make sure you have finished and reviewed your class work on pages 24-27 & 14-15