Friday, March 19, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team


To be ready for the first week back, please

  • make sure that work from your last class was completed on p 16-22 in your unit
  • read Le Voyage & be prepared to ask and answer questions about the story
  • do a quick search for the places that Emily visits in the novel
    • Avignon
    • Nice
    • Arles
    • Nîmes
    • l’Aqueduc du pont de garde

1. For your research, save some screenshots on your phone of the places & be prepared to share 3 interesting facts about each place with your partner

2. We only have 5 or 6 classes together after the break. The novel is meant to help you maintain your current level of language. If you have been struggling with vocabulary or language structures, this time away from school provides you an opportunity to do some review.

3. I have opened up the archived Language Gym lessons for anyone who wants to go back and keep practising previous learning. Those assignments have a completion date of April 6th, but remember that they will close before then.

  • I have also added 5 new assignments related to our food unit. They have a completion date of April 14th. One of the tasks is verb practice – past tense irregulars.
  • You can also select Games from the top bar and choose your own activities to review any of the themes from French 9. 

Manage your time over the break so that you relax, have fun & return to school feeling refreshed and ready to continue learning 🙂 


French 11

French 11 Team

To be prepared for the first week back

  • complete your country research & cite your sources (separate sheet is fine)
  • see this document for details about the infographic Country Infographic
  • consider doing some extra practice on The Language Gym. New assignments have been added related to travel, and using the future & conditional tenses
  • spend some time reviewing the new vocabulary & structures we’ve been looking at in your new unit

Remember that 

  • your infographic is due by Monday, April 5th (the day before we return) at 1pm on Teams
  • simply reading your infographic to your group is boring! Try to think about what you will add to your presentation that isn’t written & how the visuals add to what you are trying to convey. 
  • your reactions to and opinions about what you researched, learned or discovered are an important part of “personalizing” and “adding detail” 
  • you must use the language structures that we’ve worked on in class! Make sure you aren’t relying on a translator for sentence structures because doing that means you are “not meeting” expectations. Only use a device to check a conjugation, for masc/feminine or for an essential vocabulary word.
  • you must provide a glossary for any words you look up. Maximum 5 words!










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