Tuesday, April 6, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team


All Students:

Please check the blog by 9:05 tomorrow morning for your Virtual Wednesday work

Students A-L

  • Please review the March 19th post to be sure that you are fully prepared for your next class

Students M-Z

  • please complete your class work on pages 23-26


French 11

French 11 Team


To be prepared for class tomorrow, please:

  • ensure you have completed your class work on pages 28-29 (Don’t forget to write a paragraph about your Spring Break & to use the connecting words on p 28 in your sentences!)
  • Review the sentence builder on p 30 & complete p 31

***We only have 12 class days together before the end of the quarter & will be finishing our travel unit in less than a week! 

  • Spend some time reviewing the vocabulary & tenses from this unit
  • Language Gym activities should be completed by Sunday night at the latest











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