Friday, April 9, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team

ALL Students 

To be prepared for class next week, please 

  • spend time studying the 50 MORE essential verbs … LEARNING CHECK IN Thurs/Fri next week
  • complete the activities on The Language Gym that were assigned before the break (by Sunday)
  • complete the following listening activities & written work on pages 27-31
  • p 27
  • p28

  • p 29


French 11

French 11 Team

  • Here is the song from class today (Practise the future simple with this song on p 65-66 in your unit)
  • Make sure you have completed your class work on p 59-60 & reviewed the directions on p20, 21, 22
  • For homework, complete the “Level Up” writing activity on p 46-47


  • Monday is an end of unit assessment day … some writing, some speaking, some reading
  • Good copy of your infographic is due tonight by 10 pm. Please return your rough draft & self-assessment by Monday.  
  • You will teach others about the country you learned about on Tuesday, April 16th
  • Language Gym activities must be completed by Sunday