Thursday, May 13th, 2021

French 12

French 12 Team

The Language Gym

1.As a follow up to the discussion about your summary of “La fille, le chien et le gobelet” please review the use of “ce qui” & “ce que” here

  • After reviewing the basic rules of use, you can complete some practice exercises to test your knowledge

2. Please submit your re-write on Monday, May 17th

3. Remember to

  • summarize – not retell the entire story
  • organize your thoughts in paragraphs
  • use transition words and connectives
  • pay close attention to tense  
  • challenge yourself to explain and describe (especially your thoughts, opinions & connections)
  • refer to the handout & examples for writing a literary critique AND the ‘level up’ package for language structures/vocab

4. Listening activities 

  • C’est quoi un stéréotype?  Listen & take notes on p 16 of your unit package
  • Les préjugés et les stéréotypes    
    • Watch the 2 videos on this topic.
    • Write your thoughts/notes on p 16 of your unit package.
    • Be prepared to discuss in class on Monday.
    • Think about how you can incorporate vocabulary for opinions/debate in your discussion. 






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