Monday, May 17th, 2021

French 12

French 12 Team

The Language Gym

  1. Video from class today to help us develop our understanding of cultural appropriation 

*Take notes on p 17

2. Video from class to help us to think about and discuss the economic impact of culture

*The transcript for this video is on p 20 of your unit package 


1.What connection can you make between the ‘appropriation culturelle’ video and the obvious economic impacts of culture (as seen in the second video)?

2. Take the time to read the transcript of the 2nd video. Find the meaning of the following words/phrases:

PIB (produit intérieur brut)

Elle équivaut environ

56 milliards

y compris

la conception

des milieux de vie

3. Watch this video to review the uses of the verb ‘faire’ in French & to learn some new expressions you can use in communication

Take notes from the video on p 21 of your unit.

To start preparing for next week (and the end of our mini-culture unit)… 

Explore an aspect of French culture (from any French-speaking region in the world) & be ready to share it on Thursday, May 27th.

  • Remember that you are not completing a ‘research project’. You are exploring something that personally interests you, making connections to French culture (while avoiding stereotypes, bien sûr!), and then sharing it either with partners or in small groups. 
  • You must bring a visual, an object, a song, etc, to share. Yes, it will be like ‘show & tell’ in French class!






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