Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

French 12

French 12 Team

The Language Gym

Bon mercredi, les amis! 

Vous avez deux tâches obligatoires aujourd’hui. Please complete them in the order they appear here. 

    1. Reply to my question on the Questions Pour Madame channel on Teams by 1:30. Then, using the language that you have been practising this unit, respond to or question at least 2 classmates on their answers. If you do not participate in this online exchange between 1:30 – 2:00, you will be marked absent from class today.
    2. In English, fill in the blanks/answer these questions about the article “Les selfies, nouvel art de l’autoportrait?” p 22-23   *The objective is to find the information requested without attempting to translate the entire article into English.

a. What do Rihanna, Pope Francis and Nabilla have in common?

b. The word ‘selfie’ was declared a ______________ and in 2013 was _________________ according to Oxford Dictionaries. 

c. According to this article, how many people had tagged an Instagram post with ‘selfie’?

d. The practice of taking selfies is halfway between a communication tool and ________________.

e. Some people believe that artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Courbet were precursors of the selfie movement because they painted a lot of self-portraits. What does art historian, Pascal Bonafoux, say about the difference between self-portraits and selfies?

f. André Gunthert, researcher of visual culture, says that the selfie is more about communication between friends than art. (les potes = European French for ‘friends’) What does he say we must do and why?

g. Et, en français, qu’est-ce que tu en penses de tout ça? Est-ce que les selfies sont de l’art? 

***With any time that you have left this afternoon, you can be working on your ‘cultural show & tell’ – due on Thursday, May 27th

***Three new Language Gym tasks have been assigned and must be completed by Saturday





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