Monday, June 14, 2021

French 12

French 12 Team

The Language Gym

To be prepared for class on tomorrow, please make sure you have completed & reviewed new vocabulary from today’s class work

  • la communication interpersonnelle p 43
  • partner reading “La Terre s’épuise” & interpretive work p 44-46

***Your end of unit written & interpretive assessments are scheduled for Wednesday

***Your PSA related to an environmental issue is due via Teams on Thursday evening 


A PSA should

  • start with a hook to capture the audience’s attention
  • include facts to inform the audience & support your position
  • attempt to persuade, influence or change the audience’s thinking or behaviour
  • conclude with a message that re-states your position in an interesting & memorable way
  • be concise (try to get your message across in approx. one minute)

Your PSA should

  • include vocabulary & language structures that we have been working on in this unit

***You can also include a brief description (en français) of what you would include as imagery or video/audio to further enhance your message